Bevers van Nistelrode naar Wisconsin

Bevers van Nistelrode naar Wisconsin

Overzicht van e-mail verkeer tussen Heemkundekring Nistelvorst (Steef Pennings), Nistelrode, Nederland, Chris Bevers, Kaukauna, Wisconsin en Heidi Ziegler, Los Angelos over de Bevers-genealogie. Dit e-mail verkeer kwam tot stand na een bestelling van ons jubileumboek “Nistelrode van ’t Veer tot de Kapel” door Chris Bevers in april 2008 en een geplande en in juni 2008 gehouden genealogische ontmoeting tussen leden van HKK Nistelvorst en Heidi Ziegler en Willi Haufs, beiden nazaten van Antonij van Donzel, in juni 2008 in de heemkamer van Nistelvorst in Nistelrode. ( Zie het artikel over die ontmoeting elders op deze site! )

Mail dd 28-mai-2008 from Heidi Ziegler to HKK Nistelvorst (Steef Pennings)

Hi, well, you never know what you will learn when you ask a question. I simply asked Chris if he had a Maria Bevers in his tree ... and he sends me a wonderful write-up on the Van Donzels!! It looks like someone did a lot of research. Some of the dates are different then what I found on the web and have in my tree ... so I'm going to update that and re-send the family records.

I will also try to contact the US-based VanDonzel who Chris reports did the original research.

Mail dd 27-mai-2008 from Chris Bevers to Heidi Ziegler

Subject: Maria Christianus Bevers


I checked tonight in the various research I've accumulated over the years.  Other than the note from Mr.Dale Van Donsel about her baptism by a well placed uncle in the church, I don't see her anywhere else, except in a genealogy for an Antonius Arnoldi Lamberts (attached, for your review).

This genealogy is probably old news for you, if not, maybe something for you to explore.  In any case, without information on Maria's family, especially her parents, it would be difficult to see if there is an intersect with my Bevers... my there are a lot of them in that area of the Netherlands!

By the way, Dale is originally from the Green Bay, Wisconsin area, and the last location I had for him was Port Orchard, Washington (in 2002).

Hope that helps...


Mail dd 14-07-2008 from Heidi Ziegler

Hello, Chris, Willem, Hans

Please let this email serve as a virtual introduction.

Chris Bevers is a resident of Wisconsin and has ancestry that traveled from Nistelrode to Little Chute on one of the first boats. I met Chris through email from the Nistelrode Historical Society chair person Steef Pennings.

Willem Rovers is a genealogist that specializes in tracing the emigration of people from Nistelrode/Uden to the USA, specifically the LIttle Chute area of the state of Wisconsin.

I met Willem while I was visiting the BHIC, “Brabant Historical Information Center” in Den Bosch.

Hans van de Wielen is a genealogist for the Nistelrode Historical Society. I met him while visiting Nistelrode this past June. He provided me with a wonderful set of information on the van Donzel and van der Donk families.

It turns out that Chris and I might be cousins ... about 7th or 8th cousins ... but he has one link he is not able to verify.

Thanks everyone for the wonderful connections!

Heidi Ziegler

(for Hans, Willem and Chris, I'm including the descendants of Jacobus Thonissen van der Donk)

Mail dd 19-july-2008 from Chris Bevers

Greetings to all from Wisconsin!

Thank you, Heidi, for the introduction.

Heidi and I had a nice telephone conversation last weekend about her visit to The Netherlands and to Nistelrode. She's made me quite jealous... I hope to visit the town where my family came from, Old Nistelrode!

I have done a lot of research, and made a number of contacts over the years. While I have not had the opportunity to meet any of my contributors over the years, I hope to some day.

Willem, you have been of MUCH help! A few years back, Mr. Wim vande Valk provided me with a history of my family, dating from about 1882 when my first relatives came to the Little Chute area. As the author of this history, you know that most of my direct line of ancestors left Nistelrode in August of 1889, except my great-grandfather, Leonardus Bevers, who came here with his family in 1893. With your help, as well as that of Messrs. Willem Baerendregt, Henk Verhoeven, and Wim van de Valk, I have been able to put together a website about my family, which I invite you to visit ( e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken.). I'm very indebted to you for this help, Mr. Rovers! I understand that you sometimes join us in Little Chute for our annual Kermis Festival. If you come again, please advise me, and I'd be honored to meet you in person!

Hans van der Wielen... your surname is also very well known in this area! I grew up with a number of people of that name... I remember that they all had very light blonde hair... perhaps a family trait? I understand that your organization has done a demonstration project using the Bevers name as an example of the type of research it engages in. I hope we have provided you with adequate subject material! I extend my greetings for much friendship...


Chris Bevers

Kaukauna, Wisconsin (very near to Little Chute)

mail from Chris Bevers to Steef Pennings

Cc: Willi Haufs

Sent: Friday, October 02, 2009

Subject: Bevers information...


About a year ago, I received a very thorough genealogy printout of my Bevers ancestors who come from Nistelrode. I received this from a cousin in Heesch, who obtained it from a member of your organization, Hans van de Wielen. The file is titled "Personen in genealogie van Arien Bevers [4727]". Unfortunately, I do not have Mr. van de Wielen's e-mail address, so I'm writing this to you.

I must first thank your organization for compiling this information. It has been very useful in my research, and I have discovered many, many new things about my ancestors. I am diligently adding this information to my database, making very sure of the accuracy as I do.

In reviewing this wonderful information, I have come to appreciate the time, effort, and hard work that went into it! Again much thanks! And now, I would like to make a request. I am in the process of building a new personal website. A large portion of this new website will be dedicated to my Dutch Ancestry. Much of this information is what I have had in my files for some time now. What I would like to do is to include my database as a resource for others who might be interested in my family history. However, as I noted above, I am very sensitive to all the effort that your group has put into this information, and will not publish it without your permission. Naturally, I would include an acknowledgement of Heemkundekring Nistelvorst on my website (which is owed to you in any case).

I would also like to include the printout (in Adobe format) for those who might be interested. In return, I would gladly send your organization an updated file of what has happened to the branch of the Bevers family that grew in the Little Chute, Wisconsin area with the arrival of Leonardus Bevers (1893 to present).

Next weekend, the Village of Little Chute, Wisconsin, is having their annual autumn Kermis Festival. At this time, I believe they are going to break ground for a windmill which is to be erected there. Also, as in previous years, they will have a genealogy workshop, which is often visited by such gentlemen as Willem Baerendregt. I would like to announce my website at that time, and perhaps share some of this information. I am hoping that we have a nice day for it. I will send you my announcement at that time with the URL of my website, and perhaps I can forward some photographs of the Kermis Festival.

By the way, in late August, I had a very nice visit with Ms Heidi Ziegler and family. Heidi, as you recall, visited HKK last year and obtained a copy of your Jubilee book, "Nistelrode van 't Veer tot de Kapel", which she presented to me over dinner. I have found valuable information in the book, including an entry for a great, great aunt of mine, Josina Wonders, who lived at 50 Verdwenen Liefdesgesticht. She had been married to Leonardus' brother in 1889, and it was this wedding that provided the impetus for Leonardus' father, mother, and many of his brothers and sisters to leave for America, in August, 1889. Josina and her husband, Johannes (Adrianus) Bevers, had also moved to America, but her presence was required back in N.B. after the death of an aunt, who left her the family interests. Johannes died shortly after they returned to N.B., and the widowed Josina married a gentleman named Pennings (perhaps a distant relative of yours?). She died in the pensionhouse (?) at Nr. 50, on 17June, 1942, at the age of 71

This is just one of the many stories that will eventually find their way onto my website, and I have your organization to thank.

Vriendelijke groeten!

Chris BeversKaukauna, Wisconsin, USA

Mail from Steef Pennings to Chris Bevers dd 04 october 2009
Cc: Heidi Ziegler Willie Haufs Hans van der Wielen
Subject: Re: Bevers information...
Dear Chris,

Here I am again, after I spoke with Hans van der Wielen this morning. First of all, from our society as well as from Hans you have the permission to use all data in your pedegree and also on your website. Hans does not know or remember who in Heesch gave his data about Arien Bevers to you. He will appreciate to hear from you the name of the mentioned cousin in Heesch for further contacts. He also will be happy to get from you the Bevers data since the arrival in the USA in 1893 to complete his database. We will appreciate if you mention Hans van der Wielen as well as Heemkundekring Nistelvorst at your Bevers-pedigree on your site as helpfull contacts. Hans is the expert on genealogics of Nistelrodian people. That also made possible to help Willie Haufs and Heidi Ziegler last year with their research. For Hans exchange of information is important to sustain his system.

I hope you will have a nice Kermis Festival with many nice contacts and send me your Url and announcement that time, so that we can follow a little bit your activity. If you have further questions in the future about your ancestors , feel free to ask us and we will do our best to help you.

Vriendelijke Groeten en Hou doe!
Namens HKK Nistelvorst Steef Pennings, voorzitter

Mail dd 07-10-2009 from Chris Bevers
Steef (and of course, Hans)

I'm very happy to hear from you again! Thank you so much for your kind consideration and for permission to publish the report from my database. I completed entry of names and records this weekend, and am reviewing the output for accuracy. Hopefully, I can publish it by the coming weekend. When I do, I will include you on the e-mail announcement.

Hans, the person you provided the Arien Bevers printout to was Correy Bevers, who is the sister of Ferry Bevers.

I expect to include more information on the website as it becomes available. For example, I have found several copies of death certificates, citizenship documents and military induction papers for some of our original immigrant Bevers, including the transcript of a local newspaper account about the demise of Leonardus Bevers. There is so much to include and share, much to keep me busy, and much to keep our families and cousins entertained.

Wish me luck, and thank you so much once again!

Vriendekijke Groeten!


Mail dd 10-10-2009 from Chris Bevers
Hello, Steef, Willi & Hans...

As I've noted earlier, I am about to announce the launch of my new website, a large part of which is dedicated to the history of my branch of the Bevers family. This website can be found at this URL:

If you visit in the next day or so, you will see that there is not too much information there yet, but in the coming days and weeks, it will continue to grow and include many interesting bits of information from both sides of the Atlantic.

For example, there are some citizenship and death records that are not currently shown, but belong to Leonardus Bevers and his family; I have them in my files, but I simply have not had the time to post them to the website yet. As well, I have completed translation and addition of Hans' wonderful family genealogy to my family database. I am now in the process of proof-reading this information for accuracy (to be sure I entered it all correctly). When this is completed, I will generate a report which will be available as a download from the website. I have prioritized this, and hope to include this in the next few days, with appropriate acknowledgement of HKK and Hans.

A few minutes ago, I returned home from Little Chute, Wisconsin, where I visited the village's Kermis festival. Although today is very cold, with much wind and even a bit of snow, the festival has many folks in attendance at the various booths, tents and activities. The village is very, VERY proud of its Dutch heritage, and today they have raised the flag of The Netherlands on their main street, flying it with the American flag. I took a few photos and will send them along shortly.

I also paid a visit to the St. John Catholic Cemetery to say hello to Leonardus Bevers and Antonnete van Schijndel, and their children, Johannes, Peter (my grandfather) and Anna, to let them be the first to know what I am up to here. I also made another attempt to locate Leonardus' mother, Adriana van der Laar, but was not so lucky. A genealogist at the Kermis told me that there may have only been a metal or wooden marker for her 1895, and perhaps I might never find her. I hope he's wrong. In any case, I'm sure they would all be proud to know that their grandson cares enough to tell their story.

I hope that you all enjoy the website as a reference of what Leonardus and his family have been up to since they came here to America. Let me know what you think; feedback is very much appreciated!


Chris Bevers

Kaukauna, Wisconsin

Mail from Steef Pennings to Chris Bevers

Sent: Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Subject: fotograph of Nistelrode

Hallo Chris,

The renewed URL of your beautiful genealogic website in in ours. We are happy with the information on your downloadpage. It already gives a lot of new visitors. I send you a copy of an aquarel of N. Wicart of the village of Nistelrode about 2e half of the 18th century. This church was on that place ( the hamlet of Kleinwijk) until about1840 where after a new one was built on the present place in the centre of the village. You can use it in any way on your site if you wish. I will look for further things, which may be of interest to you. You may also have specific questions which we will try to answer.

Greetings from Nistelrode

Steef Pennings, chairmen HKK Nistelvorst

Mail dd 15-10-2009 from Chris Bevers


I'm very happy to hear that the link on my website is providing you with a benefit. That's wonderful!

The watercolor of N. Wicart is certainly nice. I will be finding a way to include it on the website soon. I tried to do a bit of research on N. Wicart by Googling "Wicart Nistelrode" and was given an opportunity to go to the website, which I believe is Nistelrode's business community's website. The website describes "The Card" exhibit that your organization put together for them that last month. I found this very interesting. If I understand correctly, HKK used its postcard collection to put together an interesting layout of the village of Nistelrode and the surrounding area, showing its growth and development over its history, including maps and old mail routes. Now THAT would be fun to see!

I hope the exhibit was a great success for your organization and Mooi Nisseroi group.

By the way, I found it quite interesting that there are at least three businesses that are shown on the Mooi Nisseroi website that are owned by members of the Bevers family. The Bevers name must be quite common in the area!

Thanks again for the picture! To continued friendship...


NB. Voor e-mail adressen van betrokkenen en genealogisch informatie over vermeldde familienamen kunt U zich melden bij Heemkundekring Nistelvorst via het contactformulier ! HKK Nistelvorst zal in dat geval trachten op te treden als intermediair.


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